Active Age for All -Still Working for  You!

Active Age for All -Still Working for You!

Dear members of AAfA,

We are holding various monies for classes not yet delivered to some 125 members. The majority of these are for approximately 25-30 euro. On Tuesday last the Committee met on a Zoom meeting to decide how best to deal with this. The following proposal was decided.

1.We notify members to let them know that our plan is to retain this money as a credit against classes when they restart. We will be working with DPCC to see how we might deliver our classes.2. In July we will send individual emails to each member so they know what amount they will have towards their next registration for classes. 3.We will review everything in late summer to respond to the situation at that point.We also decided at the meeting that we will now send out our emails every 2 or three weeks. We want to stay in touch and will keep you updated on any relevant information changes too. Here are the links and items of interest for the week…(NB: you cannot access them from this site)

AAfA offer on Donabate Dexter beef– he Donabate Dexter Beef team are led by Peter Bryans and Natalia McDonagh. Living locally, Peter is originally from Northern Ireland and Malahide and Natalia from ArgentinaThey also sell other meats and free-range eggs when available. You can go on the website to see their full range and prices.At present they offer FREE delivery to all BUT for the next 3 weeks (on a trial basis) they have a SPECIAL OFFER for AAfA members ONLY. Check out their website for what you can order. If you order the following –€50 of produce you will receive a FREE 500g Dexter Mince Beef pack (value €6) 0r €100 of produce you will receive a FREE 500g Dexter Sirloin (Rump) pack (Incl. 2 x 250g pieces to the value €12).Remember this offer is for 3 weeks only as a trial, so get stocked up for the summer! Assuming this incredible sunny weather continues, it is great to be ready with the burgers, steaks etc., for the barbecue (which also enables us to adhere to the proper social distancing guidelines) –Phone Natalia 085 8621205or

Art Competition. “Freedom in a time of Constraint”, for the artists among us. Check it out at For every entry they will contribute to Alone and the Jack & Jill Foundation.Face Masks– The ladies from the ICA thank you for your orders for masks and your generous contributions to Brother Kevin. These are still in production and delivery collection only for everyone). If you want pints or wine, it is by law, collection only. to order: phone Stephen 01 8436601. If you come across anything that you think would be of interest to members, please send it on to is all for this week. We would like to say a big thankyou to all the suppliers in the area who have been going that extra mile for the AAfA members.Stay home (mostly), take your exercise, and stay safe.

The Committee