Huge Congratulations to our 1st Year boys and girls Basketball teams who gave up their weekend away in Carlingford with the rest of their year to compete in the All-Ireland Basketball finals in Limerick at the beginning of May. They were a credit to their school, their parents and their club.

The Girls won silver medals, finishing 2nd after 6 really tough games. The Boys were beaten in the plate quarter final having picked up a few injuries late last week. Well done to all the players, parents and coaches!

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A very successful AGM was held on April 23rd with Residents from 16 estates representing over 1500 households in Malahide attending. We also heard from some of our Local Area Councillors.
Thank you to The Grand Hotel for facilitating us with a room.

Topics covered included: Forum’s work on behalf of the Community since the last AGM in April 2023; Addressing the demographic challenges including stepdown accommodation and need for services for a town of Malahide’s size; Local Area Plan for Malahide; Addressing the deterioration of the look and feel of the village/ town; Establish a clear hierarchy of priorities that puts local needs first and those of visitors second; Protecting Bridgefield; Local Bus service; Dart+ North Turnback at Malahide Station; Meeting support for better route for North Irish Sea Array (NISA) cabling through Malahide Area; Introduction of Community policing areas; Spread the word about Malahide Community Forum

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Portmarnock Community School had its annual Sports awards Ceremony on Thursday 9th May. Our guest speaker was Mark Coyle who is the current captain of Shelbourne Football Club. He spoke to our students of the importance of resilience and taking ownership of your sporting successes and failures.

The sports awards ceremony is an annual event and it is to recognise the positive impact that sports can have on a young person’s life, which we all value and wish to acknowledge here in PCS. The awards ceremony is a celebration for all our students who participate in sports throughout the year - not just the athletes receiving awards.

Malahide Chamber of Commerce has just recently launched a new Malahide Brochure and Map’s delivered today. The new brochures are aimed at helping to promote Malahide as a retail and visitor location.

The new brochure has also been launched as a resource for locals and visitors alike. “The new Brochures will be distributed to Visitor centers, accommodation providers and to Shops. Thank you to all the Businesses who directly supported the project,” the Chamber stated.

Malahide and Portmarnock Community First Responders are Volunteers providing emergency cardiac care in Malahide & Portmarnock via National Ambulance Service.

Well done to Malahide Lions Club, who hosted a CPR/AED training session recently in Grand Hotel Malahide. 47 people attended the session, and learnt a very valuable skill. The Malahide and Portmarnock Community First Responders were delighted to be a part of it!

Automated external defibrillators or ‘AED’s’ analyse the abnormal heart rhythm of patients in cardiac arrest and deliver a precisely calculated shock in order to attempt a restart of normal heart rhythm. Getting these machines, as well as high-quality CPR to patients in cardiac arrest are vital links in the chain of survival and core part of what cardiac first responders do. So, If you are a business person in the area who would like to sponsor one of these lifesaving machines then contact Malahide and Portmarnock Community First Responders, they could use it to save your life or the life of those you love!

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By Brian Madden

In 1979 Junior Chamber (Esmond Reilly, Finbar Holland and others), the Chamber of Commerce (Rory McDevitt) and Malahide Community Council (Nora Owen and John Cleary) saw the need for a local newspaper to cover all aspects of life in Malahide. It would create community awareness and report on the activities of the many clubs, associations and societies in the area. In jointly launching Malahide News they could hardly have realised that it would last for twelve years, produce 88 issues, and become an important record of the social and historical story of Malahide. In 1981 the Community Council assumed overall responsibility for the publication and set up a sub-committee of highly committed and talented volunteers, including John and Phil Barry, Jim Duignan, Michael Howard, Tom Potts, Senan Keating, Tim Hickey and others. Advertising by local firms was critically important to the paper, as it was free to the public. Deliveries to about 3,000 households were made each month in addition to supplies to local shops. Working to a tight schedule, all the latest news, sporting events, school activities, tidy towns, planning issues, festivals and more were given coverage. Professional photographs by John Barry enlivened most of the stories. Christmas 1990 saw the final issue of Malahide News. Source: Malahide Lions Club

The Parents Association of Malahide Community School are holding their annual Plant Sale on the first weekend in May. The times of the floral event are as follows : Friday 10th - 3pm to 6pm - Saturday 11th - 10am to 5.30pm & Sunday 12th - 11am to 3pm.

It will take place in the school canteen and there will be lots of colourful flowers, window boxes, hanging baskets and more for sale. Everyone is welcome so please come along and support this fundraising event. All profits will be spent by the PA to improve the school facilities and support the students in various ways. We hope to see you there.

Ireland’s national weekend of street parties and community celebrations takes place 25th and 26th May 2024 especially in Malahide. Annually there are more Street Feast participants than Electric Picnic attendees! From city slickers to countryside dwellers, everyone’s invited to the feast. Whether you’ve got a front yard, a street corner, or just a spot to gather, Street Feast knows no bounds. President Michael D. Higgins said: “We must all by now realise the importance of community, inclusion, creativity and togetherness - all values that require support and a conscious effort of care, protection and solidarity. Initiatives such as Street Feast provide exactly that type of opportunity.” Street Feast will be held over two days instead of one for the first time meaning a full weekend of celebrations. Over 1,250 communities across Ireland will share food and enjoy some conversation and camaraderie this summer – any excuse to connect with people in your neighbourhood. So let’s get planning. Organisers say that no matter what kind of place you live in, everyone is invited to participate and host gatherings. It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment or house, all you need is a space to bring people together. Street Feast has had parties organised in front gardens, on streets and greens, in car parks, laneways, local parks and community centres.

Founder of Street Feast and Neighbourhood Network CEO, Sam Bishop, said: “For 14 years, Street Feast has been all about bringing folks together over food, fun, and fellowship. And the stats speak for themselves: 97% feel the neighbourly love post-feast, and a whopping 98% say their sense of belonging gets a boost. That’s the magic of community “ Sam added: “97% feel their neighbourhood is friendlier since hosting Street Feast and 98% say their sense of belonging has increased since Street Feast. That’s what it’s all about. Running it over two days instead of one will give people more opportunity to celebrate together.”

Register at today and don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to bring your community together and celebrate. Once registered you’ll receive a FREE Street Feast party pack, complete with bunting, posters, invites and a brilliant DIY guide.

Malahide Musical & Dramatic Society proudly presents Neil Simon’s Award Winning Comedy ‘California Suite’. Written in 1976, the play is a four-part humorous confection showcasing four couples, from New York, Philadelphia, London and Chicago, who travel to Los Angeles at different times during the same year and share the Beverly Hills’ hotel suite, with separate but hilarious antics occurring for each of them. All of our couples bring their own baggage, a mix of problems, anxieties and comical marital dilemmas. Directed by Lynda O’Neill following the success of her production of ‘Little Women’ last September, ‘California Suite’ takes place in Malahide Community School from May 8th-11th - tickets available now!

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Courtesy of Michael Ingoldsby and Malahide Historical Society

Thanks to Malahide native Michael Ingoldsby who grew up in a house facing the Green, we have a vivid account of when the circuses came to the Green in Malahide, as they did several times each summer up to the early 1980s.

“The visit of the circus was heralded by the arrival of the advance agent’s caravan drawn by three horses in a row. The advance agent visited all the shops in the town and soon coloured posters hung in every shop window announcing the visit of the circus in seven day’s time and promising that we would see the most amazing feats performed by some exotically named man or woman who was the only person in the world to perform such a feat. We children counted the days until the circus would arrive.

Then at long last the great day arrived. Even though it was early there were children on The Green patiently waiting to get the first glimpse of the cavalcade as it turned the corner and came down New St. Other children who wanted to be the first to see it waited on the Railway Bridge. Then we heard the noise of horses’ hooves in the distance and gradually it got louder until the first horse-drawn wagon turned down New St. to be followed by what seemed an unending line of horse-drawn caravans. And then the lorries pulling equipment and heavier caravans followed. One by one they went up onto The Green and found their place. Soon some 50 to 60 horses brown/white, black/white were grazing contentedly. We watched the feverish activity as the Big Top was raised. If the tide was full in the horses were frequently driven into the sea for a wash.

The pump on The Green worked overtime as buckets of water were filled and carried by eager children hoping for a free pass. We went to the matinee as our mother deemed the night show to be too late for us. That night my brother and myself stayed by the bedroom window straining to hear the band and to make out what was happening in the dark on The Green. Invariably sleep overcame us and we were lifted into bed by my father. When we awoke the following morning the circus had gone and what a feeling of loss seemed to pervade the place”.

We are grateful to Michael for sharing his memories with us and for sending us his nostalgic photographs of the scene as it was in the 50s and 60s..