Halloween on track with Niamh’s Coco Locomotive!

Halloween on track with Niamh’s Coco Locomotive!

I thought that with all the different treats at Halloween, this might be a useful way to use them up! I often make birthday cakes for my nieces and nephews and this was one creation which ended up being devoured after a lot of playing, a lot of chocolatey faces and a lot of sticky fingers! It is quite simple to assemble but looks very effective! To save time, you can buy Swiss roll cakes in advance.
Even get help from other members of the family as it can be great fun creating….although you may end up with no ingredients left to make the cake!


2 chocolate Swiss roll cakes
1 pack chocolate finger biscuits
1 pack ‘Jammy Dodger’ type biscuits (around 8 individual)
1 pack mini chocolate rolls (about 12 individual)
1 chocolate teacake
2 large white marshmallows (for steam coming out of the train!) - An assortment of colourful or chocolatey sweets to decorate the train


  1. Assemble the train track with the chocolate finger biscuits by placing 2 fingers opposite each other and 1 chocolate finger at both ends. Use as many chocolate finger biscuits as you like depending on how long/short you would like the train track to be!
  2. Place x2 mini chocolate rolls within each square of the chocolate finger biscuits.
  3. Sit 1 of the chocolate Swiss roll cakes on top of the mini chocolate rolls at the end that you would like the top of the train to be.
  4. Use toothpicks to hold the Jammy Dodger biscuits in place as wheels on the Swiss roll cake and for the chocolate teacake and marshmallows at the top of the train’s engine.
  5. Slice the other chocolate Swiss roll cake into a total of 4 pieces; 1 small slice to go on top of the main train and 3 larger slices for the train carriages.
  6. For the train’s carriages, cut a small slice of each piece of Swiss roll cake and place these on top of the remaining mini chocolate rolls with the filling facing upwards. The exposed Swiss roll cake filling helps the decorations to stick on top!
  7. Place whatever sweets, chocolates or decorations you like onto the carriages.

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Niamh Arthurs BSc, MSc
Registered Dietitian

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