RECIPE: Niamh's snack attack cereal bars!

RECIPE: Niamh's snack attack cereal bars!

Some of us are getting back to work, school and some sort of routine; and along with that comes preparing lunches again!Food preparation can form a very valuable part of routine but it may have subsided in the last few months.These cereal bars are very simple to make in advance and you probably already have most of the ingredients at home.Store them in a greaseproof paper lined container in the freezer and take out in the morning or a few hours before eating.

Makes 12 squares - Ingredients:-300g dates (soak in about 100mls water overnight to help make a sticky date paste!)-200g rice cereal (eg.Rice Krispies or brown rice cereal) -70g almond butter (if you don't have almond butter, substitute for another nut butter such as peanut butter -50g dark chocolate chips. Optional: 50g seeds ( I used pumpkin, sunflower seeds and coconut chips as pictured in the image)If you are not adding any other ingredients such as these then use a totalof 250g rice cereal.

Method:1.Line a container or lunchbox with greaseproof paper.

2.Mash the dates in a blender/food processor or simply using a fork and some muscle! This forms a sticky date paste which helps to bind the rest of the ingredients.

3.Place all of the ingredients except the almond butter into a mixing bowl and mix well together.

4.Add the almond butter to this mixture and combine well.

5.Place the well combined mixture into the pre-lined container and use the back of a spoon to smooth the surface.

6.Place into a freezer for 2-3hours. Then cut into squares or the shape that takes your fancy.

Store in the freezer and remove 1-2hours before eating.

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Niamh Arthurs BSc, MSc

Registered Dietitian

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