RECIPE: Niamh’s Summertime Frozen Yogurt Bark!

RECIPE: Niamh’s Summertime Frozen Yogurt Bark!

A satisfying and scrumptiously refreshing summertime snack! Packed with protein and calcium.

The ingredients are fairly flexible so tailor to your tastes and use whatever flavour of yogurt/fruit/toppings you like! Vanilla yogurt or adding some honey make it scrumptious!

The most important ingredient to use is Greek or Greek style yogurt as this will prevent ice crystals forming.

Here are a few other ideas as shown in the image

Blueberry yogurt bark

-200g Greek or Greek style yogurt

-100g blitzed blueberries (in a blender or simply mash with a fork)

Multi-coloured yogurt bark

-250g Greek or Greek style yogurt

-1x passion fruit

-20g cocao nibs

-10g goji berries


The size of the lunchbox you use determines the thickness of the bark.

I used a 12cm lunchbox for the yogurt bark in these images which made

the yogurt bark 1cm thick. If the yogurt bark is too thick, it will be difficult to bite into it!


1. Line a lunchbox with cling film.

2. Mix the yogurt in a bowl with your choice of ingredients. Keep a few to sprinkle on top.

3. Pour the yogurt into the lunchbox.

3. Sprinkle the remainder of the ingredients on top of the yogurt.

4. Put the lid on the lunchbox and place in a freezer for 2-4hours or until completely frozen.

You will need to allow a few minutes for it to slightly defrost and become soft before eating.

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