There have been TV and radio programmes recently featuring the late Dr. Noel Browne. As Minister for Health, Browne is credited with waging a successful total war on Tuberculosis. However, his attempt to implement the Mother and Child Scheme in effect brought down the First Inter-Party Government of Taoiseach John A. Costello in 1951 and remains one of the greatest political controversies in modern Irish political history. One radio programme included Liveline on RTE Radio 1, Wednesday August 2nd., featuring artist Robert Ballagh, whose portrait painting of Noel Browne is hidden away in storage. Among other details mentioned in that broadcast was that Dr. Noel Browne lived in Malahide for 6 months each year! Does anyone know or have any more details/information on where in Malahide he lived or any details of his life here? If you have you can contact Malahide Historical Society on their email at: (courtesy of Malahide Historical Society)

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By Jack Shanley

‘Oppenheimer’ is a breathtaking masterpiece and perhaps one of the finest biopics ever made. Christopher Nolan manages to yet again skilfully combine the elements of action, audio, acting, direction, and scene design into an unforgettable cinematic experience, proving once again why he is one of the greatest directors of our time. Christopher Nolan’s visionary film making is mesmerising, with the movie taking audiences on an electrifying journey weaving together heart- pounding action sequences, exceptional performances, stunning visuals, and the very meticulous direction. Incredible performances from all including quite extraordinary performances from both Robert Downey Jr. and Emily Blunt. It’s one of our own in Cillian Murphy who truly steals the show with a mesmerising performance that is Oscar worthy. It is those big blue eyes, the stern look, you can really feel the stress that J. Robert Oppenheimer was put under. What makes the film so captivating is this story of a man with weight of the world on his shoulders and the idea that you either view J. Robert Oppenheimer as a hero or villain, it’s just fascinating. From the very very beginning, the film grips you with its captivating storytelling and seamless blend of the historical accuracy and cinematic artistry. The narrative unfolds chronologically, taking the audience on an enthralling journey through Oppenheimer’s early life, his academic pursuits, and eventually, his pivotal role in the development of the atomic bomb during World War II. The experience I had in the cinema was riveting, pure cinematic magic as It’s a film you must see in IMAX. I felt locked into the movie as if I was taken back in time to the 1940’s. The film score complements the truly emotional depth of the story, heightening every scene’s impact and leaving a lasting impression on the viewers minds. With ‘Oppenheimer’ being quite dense. I’d suggest perhaps maybe you watching a documentary before going to see it. Lastly, I’ll finish by saying ‘Oppenheimer’ isn’t merely a biopic about a renowned physicist; it transcends into a thought-provoking exploration of the human condition. In all truth I’d recommend checking out Oppenheimer and see what you think of it, I shall give it a score of five stars. Director: Christopher Nolan – Rating: R – Genre: Drama/Thriller-Run Time: 3h – Language: English. For more film content please follow @movies4fanatics on Instagram.

by Síobhán O’Neill White

It’s September and we’ve got some tips to make the back to school transition smooth.

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If you’re thinking ahead to a mini break during the October mid-term? Pillo Hotel Ashbourne has a
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By Dave Kavanagh

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Dave Kavanagh QFA has been advising people financially for over 25 years. For quotes or information (with no cost or obligation) he can be contacted by emailing Dave at or use the contact form on or @Davekav_advice on Twitter and Instagram. Combined with his previous role of gym/nutrition adviser, he regularly gives talks and workshops at seminars and events for groups, companies and government departments on financial well being, positivity and motivation. As heard on RTE 2FM , LMFM and TV3.

By Malahide Historical Society

A recent rescue of swimmers in the deep narrows channel in Malahide had a happier outcome than this sad event which was reported in the press 101 years ago.

“Three Dublin men, who were fishing from a boat in Malahide Creek, lost their lives on Sunday through the upturning of the boat, in an attempt to float through one of the arches of the railway bridge. Their names are Thomas, Ryan, 47 York St. , John Somerville, Manor Place and Richard Tisdall, 143 Gt. Brunswick St.With them in the boat was Robert Wilson of Robert St. The four were members of a fishing party organised by the Knights of the Silver Hook Sea Anglers. Several boats, in each of which there were four competitors, set out and took up their separate positions.

The men set their baits and, after some time, that occupied by Ryan, Somerville and their companions drifted towards the railway bridge, known as the “Eleven Arches.”’ With the falling tide a strong current flows there and, carried away by a strong wind, the small boat capsized at a point which may be described as a waterfall. The occupants of the boat were thrown out, and quickly carried away into deep water. Wilson succeeded in clinging on to the boat and was rescued by other fishermen. The occurrence was witnessed by a lady looking from a window in the vicinity. She raised the alarm, but owing to the distance from the village, before help could reach the bridge the three men were carried away to death by the flowing waters. When Mr. Wilson was brought ashore he was in a state of exhaustion.The body of Ryan was recovered and taken charge of by members of the I.R.A but the other bodies have not yet been recovered. Mr. Ryan was an employee of Messrs. West and Son, goldsmiths and jewellers, Grafton St., Dublin. Mr. Wilson is Hon. Secretary of the Knights of the Silver Hook Sea Anglers’ Club”.Source: Southern Star newspaper 1 July 1922

by Jack Shanley

Daunting disturbing and chilling Vertigo remains a masterpiece. 55 years after its original release and with it being shown later this month in the lighthouse Cinema Alfred Hitchcock’s mesmerising fascinating masterpiece still moves audiences today. Arguably Hitchcock’s best film it’s still fascinates me every time I see it. It’s the study of obsession that keeps the material so fresh and new. Its Johns (James Stewart) obsession that drives the story on and keeps us hooked from the second we see the dizzying spirals of the opening credits sequence. Although story was arguably the most important part of a Hitchcock film, with Vertigo its quite different. It’s the emotions, characters, themes that pull a story together. I’ve seen this work with many films and find it quite interesting, as a film it could have a basic story but it lives off its character development etc. This is the film that introduced the World to the famous sequence known as the Vertigo Effect which has gone on to be used in various other films. It;s basically a forward zoom with a reverse dolly meant to achieve a disorienting effect of shifting perspectives. Vertigo also happens to be Hitchcock’s most personal picture, burrowing deep into the directors own darkest wormholes: obsessions with women, the desire to control them, and to mould them into a personal ideal. The psychologically complex material is played off incredibly well by James Stewart who we sympathize with and a chilling Kim Novak performance. With the colours dazzling, and Bernard Herrmann’s extraordinary score as crisp and haunting as ever, its surely a must watch. In all truth I’d recommend checking out Vertigo as its screens in the Lighthouse Cinema on August 20th and see what you think of it, I shall give it a score of five stars. Director: Alfred Hitchcock– Rating: PG – Genre: Mystery/Thriller – Run Time: 2h 8m – Language: English. For more film content please follow @movies4fanatics on Instagram.

by Siobhán O’Neill White

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Dave Kavanagh QFA has been advising people financially for over 25 years. For quotes or information (with no cost or obligation) he can be contacted by emailing Dave at or use the contact form on or @Davekav_advice on Twitter and Instagram. Combined with his previous role of gym/nutrition adviser, he regularly gives talks and workshops at seminars and events for groups, companies and government departments on financial well being, positivity and motivation. As heard on RTE 2FM , LMFM and TV3.

Malahide Abbey ruins stand adjacent to the Castle. Their size suggest that it was no private oratory or chapel. The surrounding cemetery would indicate that it probably served the people of Malahide from the 12th to 16th Century. In 1630, the Abbey was stated to be in a ruinous condition. When Cromwell installed Myles Corbet in Malahide Castle for a brief period, tradition has it that Corbet used the Abbey as stables and stripped the lead off the roof to make bullets. The present structure consists of a late fifteenth-century nave and a sixteenth-century chancel. The east wall of the chancel features a fine three-light window whilst the west gable of the nave is surmounted by a three-arched bell turret with an access stairs and a triple window beneath. It is likely the bells were fixed and the bell-ringer climbed the stairs and sat or stood beneath the bells and struck them with a hammer. Within the Abbey is the fine deeply carved 16th. Century tomb of Maud Plunkett who was “maid, wife and widow” on the one day, her husband having been killed in battle on their wedding day. On the North-East angle of the Abbey opposite the Avoca entrance may be seen a Sheela-na-gig, a grotesque stone carving, whose function it was to warn the faithful of the terrible results of sin and excess. Generations of Talbots lie buried in the surrounding cemetery and the last local burial took place here in 1960.

By Jack Shanley

The masterful A24 director Ari Aster is back on the big screen with yet another strange work of art, perhaps the strangest yet. “Beau is Afraid” from start to finish is about the long whacked out journey of an anxious man on his quest to visit his mother. Joaquin Phoenix stars picking up the role of a very abstract and complex character. Let’s just get it out the bag, this film is a dream like experience first and foremost. It’s quite overwhelming and even suffocating for its audience at times. This plays off so well, as not everything is meant to be taken literally! On the surface, there are generally many black comedy themes, with a melodramatic undertone. It’s been crafted meticulously by Ari Aster at 3 hours, making it feel richer and more detailed. Many of the films moments are left engrained into your thoughts well after the run time. With a bigger budget then his previous works “Hereditary” and “Midsommar” I thought helped with the landscape and wacky scenarios in the film. Overall, “Beau Is Afraid” is Aster’s most ambitious film to date. Although it’s the not raw and experimental horror we endured in his previous works, it still makes for an unforgettable experience and feeling that is often missed in Arthouse films these days.

This is definitely Ari Asters most complex and allegorical film, everything in this film is strange, the interpersonal relationships, the way the story is told, the dialogues, the universe of the film, everything is very strange without any logic, and in my understanding, all this represents the unbalanced and paranoid mind of our protagonist Beau. I feel the movie is essentially a look at the world through the eyes of a man terrified of his own existence.

In all truth I’d recommend checking out Beau Is Afraid at your local cinema today and see what you think of it, I shall give it a score of three stars. Director: Ari Aster– Rating: 16 – Genre: Horror/Comedy– Run Time: 2h 59m – Language: English. For more film content please follow @movies4fanatics on Instagram.