Fingallians Grúpa Comhrá  celebrates 10 year anniversary

Fingallians Grúpa Comhrá celebrates 10 year anniversary

Fingallians G.A.A. club in Swords hold a weekly Irish language conversation group that recently celebrated its 10thbirthday. Irish Language promotion is central to the ethos of the G.A.A. and particularly Fingallians G.A.A. club.The Grúpa Comhrá was established by the club’s Irish language and Culture Officer Liam Ó Culbáird. Liam said “we felt we needed to create our own opportunity where we could use, practice and improve our Irish. We wanted something different from a classroom setting so we established a relaxed, welcoming and encouraging environment that was supportive of all levels. The emphasis has always been on enjoyment of the language and nobody is overly concerned about intricate grammar or ultra-precise pronunciation. Our group has always been a setting where everybody is learning from everybody else.”The Grúpa Comhrá has seen hundreds of people come and go through the years and the fact that it is still going strong ten years down the road is, according to Liam, as a result of the emphasis on fun while learning. “We have seen hundreds of people from all sorts of backgrounds, some came for two or three weeks while others have stayed for years. Because there is no cost involved and it is a bar setting we have people that come for a pint, others will have a coffee or whatever takes their fancy. We ‘shoot the breeze’ about whatever is going on at home, at work, what is happening in the news, plans for the weekend, etc… The conversations can go in any direction and this exposes us all to new vocabulary and ways to phrase sentences.”C.L.G. Fhine Ghallainn (Fingallians G.A.A.) would like to say “Go raibh míle maith agat” to all that attended and supported the group through the 10 years and we hope that you benefited from the service. The group meets every Wednesday night at 9pm. Further info is available from Liam-086 3814422.

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